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What is Poké?

Poké (Poh-kay) in Hawaiian means to cut or slice. Poké originated in Hawaii and was made by combining items like raw ahi tuna, soy sauce, rice, sesame oil, chili pepper and onion. We have expanded upon these traditional items and included many great flavors that we have grown to love at sushi and Asian restaurants. The result is a fusion of flavor we call Atlantic Poké.

About Atlantic Poké

Atlantic Poké is a food concept serving all the great flavors you have grown to love from eating sushi and other exotic foods, in our Signature Bowl and a build your own bowl format offerings. We create a custom dining experience from all our fresh flavorful ingredients, featuring our house made sauces, high quality raw tuna, raw salmon, shrimp and chicken, real sushi white rice and add ins like edamame, seaweed salad and many more. So, we invite you to join us on your own fun food adventure.

Our Commitment

Our Mission is to provide a great customer experience through the consistent delivery of flavorful food with exceptional and friendly customer service in a clean, well designed, inviting atmosphere.

Our goal is to create the best possible customer experience letting our customers know they are special to us. We consider ourselves "Best in Class" when it comes to 1. Food quality and freshness, 2. Cleanliness, 3. Customer service and 4. Interior design. 

Integrity is what our company is founded on. It is the guiding factor on how we treat people and the food we serve them. We don't cut corners to make a buck. We believe if we put people over profits, we will always be successful. 

Our food is sourced responsibly and sustainably. We get our produce locally whenever possible. We are environmentally conscious and believe in creating less waste. Our bowls and utensils are completely biodegradable(when available). We value and respect our employees as they champion our great customer experience.